What to Do With those Pumpkin Seeds?

I love pumpkins, hence the name of this blog. It is my time of year to decorate and entertain my neighbors. Inside and out, I find places for this orange marvel. I also love when the pulp comes in a jar, so I can make pumpkin pie. Give me pumpkins seeds and pumpkin butter any time. I buy the seeds, but people often asked me what I do with the ones from my carving craft. I started to roast them; but most often I like to use them in recipes or for décor. You can paint them and include them in a fall collage. They add texture and interest. My best work was a color drawing of a huge pumpkin in its prime with scattered seeds all about. I used a special varnish to make them shine. It was wonderful, and I am tempted to make prints out of it for cards next year. It is now the image on my laptop.  A pumpkin is wonderful to eat and explore as an inspiration for decoration. There is no end to what you can do. Halloween has its own applications and Thanksgiving is a tradition unto itself. Small pumpkins can grace the family table. Cut out the center and put in a tiny votive candle. The effect is magnificent at night. Add a few colorful leaves on the surface of the table to complete the seasonal look.

Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere. This is my motto. I put them outside on the steps and in the window. Kids like to come by and ask to come in for pumpkin cookies. They are an easy variation of the popular gingerbread man at Christmas. Buy a mix or make your own. It is fun either way. Sometimes a few small tots like to watch. They think they are “helping.” More often than not, they play with the pull-down faucet that I bought from https://www.kitchenfaucetdepot.net/.

A pitcher of cider next to your pumpkin centerpiece on a buffet table is a veritable draw at a party. You can also make pumpkin chocolate truffles or brittle. I hear there is actually a pumpkin martini. I wouldn’t be surprised. I start to get more serious in November. The fun of a carved pumpkin spewing cookie dough from its huge toothless mouth at Halloween no longer applies. No more stuck on bat ears or pointy eyebrows. Either holiday involves a bit of a mess and some diligent cleanup. To make sure the inside of the pumpkin is flat, I put it under the kitchen faucet. Fortunately, I have a handy pull-down style. I can easily remove any remaining pulp. Given the vast number of pumpkins in my life in the fall, I use this faucet quite often. In fact, the pull-down advantage was the main reason for its installation. The larger the pumpkin, the harder it is to fit under a faucet. An adjustable nozzle is a godsend.

Unseasonably Warm Fall

Can’t believe what I see. The thermometer shows eighty five degrees. I love Indian summer when it is fall, but unseasonably warm. Some parts of the country enjoy this kind of climate every year without fail, but it is not typical in my area. In fact, I turned off the air conditioning unit weeks ago. I can’t imagine turning it on again and facing those hefty summer electric bills. No, I have to resort to other methods to keep cool. A ceiling fan is the perfect solution. They look great in any space as they do their job.

If you consult the old Farmer’s Almanac, you will find out more about this special time when the leaves are turning into magnificent colors or burnt orange, red and yellow; but the air has not yet developed its distinctive fall chill. It is an interim time that lasts for only a short period. It is unexpected in these parts and when it comes, everyone is giddy with joy. We have a bit more summer upon us. We know winter is around the corner and that the brisk air will soon take its toll. While I love nothing more than donning a down jacket and using a wool neck scarf, I don’t relish putting on icy cold mittens to do my outdoor chores. So, I am luxuriating in the warmth for the moment. All I need to do is buy an inexpensive Ceiling Fan Choice for a gentle cooling indoor breeze. It is easy to find them at a discount online, and you don’t need to spend hours on Facebook. Most any brand will do. My advice is to buy in the middle of the price range so you get a bargain and not a bomb.

Indian summer is a strange time in that there is no wind at all despite the time of year. The nights can still be cold and clear, however, so the ceiling fan gets turned off if you have one. The barometer is high according to the almanac. The reason is a cool polar air mass that is moving south becoming an “anticyclone” or high pressure system. Some areas experience haze and warmth with extreme swings in temperature from day to night. Most often in the northeast, for example, Indian summer is followed by a cold spell and a hard frost. Meanwhile I enjoy walking for hours or sitting on the patio reading a Kindle book. I haven’t forgotten my usual duties, of course, and a row of pumpkins sits pertly outside the front door. They stay for the duration, even after Halloween and thanksgiving. I wait until a week after winter has officially arrived. Then I replace them with pine cones in a home-made twig basket. I do like the snow and the implications of the weather, but I miss fall when it disappears and merges into the next season. Knowing it is coming again in a year keeps me in a jolly mood.